John Gilroy

People's experience of the NDIS through artwork

This collection of artwork by Professor John Gilroy tells the story of his main learnings from his life research with people with disability and the NDIS. Professor Gilroy has led large-scaled and small-scaled disability research projects all over the country, such as remote Central Australia, rural/remote QLD, and in the cities.

Timber artwork

Title: I am Running in Circles and Trapped in a Maze

These research projects were conducted in partnership with Aboriginal health and medical services and disability service providers making Professor Gilroy the world’s leading Aboriginal disability researcher. A research career spanning over 20 years, this art roadshow is an exemplar of this research journey, telling the stories of hundreds of people with disability experience of the disability service system.

Artwork on timber

Title: The NDIS Planning Process is Soul and Wallet Sucking

John is a Yuin man from the NSW South Coast and is a professor of Indigenous health and disability, specialising primarily in disability studies. John has worked in disability and ageing research and community development with Aboriginal communities, government, and non-government stakeholders for most of his life. He is the first person to create Indigenous research methodologies in disability research. John is passionate about Aboriginal owned and driven research as means to influence policy. John has led many research projects in urban and rural/remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Timber artwork

Title: Incarceration of Disability and Aboriginality

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Link - Artwork Booklet: People's Experience of the NDIS

Title: Family Abuse and Disfunction

Title: Incarceration of Disability and Aboriginality

Title: I am Running in Circles and Trapped in a Maze

Title: The Head and Hands Need the Heart

Title: The NDIS Planning Process is Soul and Wallet Sucking

Title: Culture is Inlcusion

Title: Remote and Rural Living

Title: Think About it if it was Your Family

Title: Scholars/Brothers

Title: It's a Dark Journey for Some of Us

Title: Advocacy is Empowerment

Title: Bad Experiences and Good Experiences

Title: NDIS can be Traumatic

Title: The Mirror

Title: We People with Disability Have a Deepness